An explanation of the OATH hive

Parts of a Native Stingless Bee Hive

Brood boxes
The brood boxes are where the hive stores brood, as well as some honey, pollen and resin stores.

Honey super
The honey super is an extra storage space where the hive will usually store honey exclusively. This is where you will harvest your honey.

Brood excluder
The brood excluder acts as a barrier to stop the hive from extending the brood up into the honey super. There is a gap at the rear providing the bees access to the honey super.

Split bars or split plates
Split bars or split plates help to ensure the hive splits easily and that the upper portion of the brood is supported after a split.

Ventilation hole
The ventilation hole provides a means for the hive to pass air through the hive and to remove excess heat or moisture.

The OATH Standard

The Original Australian Trigona Hive (OATH) measures 200mm wide by 280mm deep externally with each section being 90-100mm high, constructed of hoop pine with a minimum thickness of 25mm. Having standard external dimensions simplifies hive management and allows bee keepers to work with their preferred timber thickness.