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Australian Native Bee Book

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The Australian Native Bee Book describes native bees generally and provides a complete guide to keeping Australian native stingless bees. It is richly illustrated with over 500 photos, drawings and charts to increase accessibility and aid learning. It is written by an expert who has spent his lifetime intimately engaged with these unique creatures.

American Hive Tool

Native Bee Wax (15 grams)

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$12.00 each

Native bee wax is mainly used by stingless beekeepers to provide nest building resources to the bees. Place some right at the entrance and the bees will take it into the hive and use it. You can rework it into any shape you desire.

I may not always have hives available or you may be a little too far away for me to travel for help, so here is a list of other native bee suppliers and service providers that may be able to help: Local Services