Native bee rescue

FREE (I keep the bees)

If you become aware of a hive during a tree removal, or find them in your water meter box, I can come over and transfer them safely into hive box where they will live a productive life.

Native bee rescue

$250.00 (You keep the bees)

If you find a hive in an inconvenient location, I can come over and transfer them safely into a hive box provided by me.

The bees will initially need to stay with me for a few weeks as they need to be monitored to ensure the hive is strong and that there is a healthy, laying queen.

Onsite assistance


Not confident about splitting your hive or harvesting your honey?

I tend to treat these as a tutorial, so you have the know how to do it yourself next time. If you prefer not to split yourself next time, that's fine too.

If you have more than one hive needing work, the charge is $100 for the first hive and then $50 for each hive after that.

If you are a little too far away for me to travel for help, here is a list of other native bee service providers that may be able to help: Local Services